Quotes By Generation A

“Books turn people into isolated individuals, and once that's happened, the road only grows rockier. Books wire you to want to be Steve McQueen, but the world wants you to be [email protected]

“What is prayer but a wish for the events in your life to string together to form a story -- something that makes some sense of events you know have meaning.”

“Trevor realized that the odd thing about English is that no matter how much you screw sequences word up up, you understood, still, like Yoda, will be. Other languages don't work that way. French? Dieu! Misplace a single le or la and an idea vaporizes into a sonic puff. English is flexible: you can jam it into a Cuisinart for an hour, remove it, and meaning will still emerge.”

“How can we be alive and not wonder about the stories we knit together this place we call the world? Without stories our universe is merely rocks and clouds and lava and blackness. It's a village scraped raw by warm waters leaving not a trace of what existed before.”

“Unhappy endings are just as important as happy endings. They’re an efficient way of transmitting vital Darwinian information. Your brain needs them to make maps of the world, maps that let you know what sorts of people and situations to avoid.”

“How cruel that mankind was forced to conform to the global electronic experience. But all other options had vanished. There no longer existed a country to escape to (“country”—also, what a quaint notion) where people read books and had lives that became stories.”

“Možda je molitva zapravo želja da ulančaÅ¡ dogaÄ‘aje u svom životu tako da sačine priču- neÅ¡to Å¡to pokazuje smisao dogaÄ‘aja za koje znaÅ¡ da imaju značenje. Bar se zato ja molim" Harj”

“Could I ever be a Craig? No. A person must be born into Craigdom, with its multiple ski holidays, complex orthodontia, proper nutrition and casual, healthy view of recreational sex. My”