Quotes By Encounter

“It does take great maturity to understand that the opinion we are arguing for is merely the hypothesis we favor, necessarily imperfect, probably transitory, which only very limited minds can declare to be a certainty or a truth.”

“He looks at houses, chateaus, forests, and thinks about the countless generations who used to see those things and who are gone now; and he understands that everything he is seeing is oblivion; pure oblivion, the oblivion whose absolute state will soon be achieved, the moment he himself is gone. And again I think about the obvious idea (that astoundingly obvious idea) that everything that exists (nation, thought, music) can also not exist.”

“(God) being the old man invented in order to, and with whom to, hold long conversations.”

“Isn't that exactly the definition of biography? An artificial logic imposed on an 'incoherent succession of images'?”

“لم يبتلع التاريخ أفكاره Ùˆ عواطفه فقط، بل ابتلع زمن حياته Ùˆ إيقاعها، إنه الرجل الذي التهمه التاريخ، إنه ليس أكثر من حشو بشري للتاريخ. Ùˆ قد كانت للروائي جرأة إلتقاط هذا الهول”

“The different arts reach our brains in different ways; they lodge there with differing ease, at different speeds, with different degrees of inevitable simplifications; and for different durations”

“That's how it is: even in the throes of death, man is always on stage. And even 'the plainest' of them, the least exhibitionist, because it's not always the man himself who climbs on stage. If he doesn't do it, someone will put him there. That is his fate as a man.”

“The formal innovations of the great masters always have a certain discreetness about them; such is true perfection; only among the small masters does novelty seek to call attention to itself.”

“Without that discovery of the "moving photo," the world today would not be what it is: the new technology has become, primo, the principal agent of stupidity (incomparably more powerful than the bad literature of old: advertisements, television series); and secundo, the agent of worldwide indiscretion (cameras secretly filming political adversaries in compromising situations, immortalizing the pain of a half-naked woman laid out on a stretcher after a street bombing). It is true that film as art does also exist, but its significance is far more limited than that of film as technology, and its history is certainly shorter than that of any other art.”

“إن صديقي بفعل دعابته حتمًا، ما كان من الممكن أن يصبح جلادًا أبدًا”

“Ùˆ هذا كله دون أي تهويل، دون أي إتهام، دون أي ضحك أصفر، فقط بغلالة خفيفة، خفيفة من الحزن”

“Since its beginnings, Western music is bound, by an insurmountable convention, to the need to express subjectivity. It stands against the harsh sound of the outside world just as the sensitive soul stands against the insensibility of the universe.”