Quotes By Oracle Night

“It always stimulates me to discover new examples of my own prejudice and stupidity, to realize that I don't know half as much as I think I do.”

“Bodies count, of course - they count more than we're willing to admit - but we don't fall in love with bodies, we fall in love with each other. We all know that, but the moment we go beyond a catalogue of surface qualities and appearances, words begin to fail us, to crumble apart in mystical confusions and cloudy, unsubstantial metaphors.”

“As long as you are dreaming, there is always a way out”

“BildiÄŸim bir ÅŸey varsa oda karşılığını vermeden bir ÅŸey alamayacağınızdır, istediÄŸiniz ÅŸey ne kadar büyükse karşılığında ödemeniz gereken bedel de o kadar büyük olur.”

“Bluntly and quietly, in a series of simple, forthright sentences, she dismantled the architecture of unhappiness that had been growing up around us for the past several days. She was calling from the office she said, and had to talk in a low voice, 'but if you can hear me, Sid' she began, 'there are four things I want you to know. First, I haven't stopped thinking about you since I left the house this morning. Second, I've decided to have the baby, and we're never going to use the word "abortion" again. Third, don't bother to make dinner. [...] Fourth, make sure Mr. Johnson's ready for action. I'm going to attack you the minute I walk in the door, my love, so be prepared.”

“Quand on me demande pourquoi je fume, je réponds que c'est parce que j'aime tousser.”

“Eds atbildot kaut ko noņurd un piedāvā Bovenam apsÄ“sties, negaidÄ«ti pieminÄ“dams fragmentu no "Voldenas", kad ar žestu norāda uz vienÄ«go krÄ“slu istabā. Toro teica, ka viņa mājā esot trÄ«s krÄ“sli, Eds ieminas. Viens vientulÄ«bai, otrs draudzÄ«bai un treÅ¡ais sabiedrÄ«bai. Man ir tikai viens krÄ“sls vientulÄ«bai. Ja vÄ“l piemer klāt gultu, varbÅ«t sanāk divi draudzÄ«bai.”

“—Los pensamientos son reales —sentenció—. las palabras son reales. Todo lo humano es real, y aveces conocemos las cosas antes de que ocurran, aun cuando no seamos consientes de ello. Vivimos en el presente, pero el futuro está siempre en nosotros. Puede que el escribir se reduzca a eso, Sid. No a consignar los hechos del pasado, sino a hacer que ocurran cosas en el futuro.”

“As long as you're dreaming, there's always a way out.”