Quotes By The Fifth Mountain

“There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them.
But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.”

“...and I discovered something: the meaning of my life was whatever I wanted it to be.”

“But no one can lose sight of what he desires. Even if there are moments when he believes the world and the others are stronger. The secret is this: do not surrender.”

“The Lord often has his prophets climb mountains to converse with Him. I always wondered why He did that, and now I know the answer: when we are on high, we can see everything else as small. Our glory and sadness lose their importance. Whatever we conquered or lost remains there below. From the heights of the mountain, you see how large the world is, and how wide its horizons.”

“فالخوف يستمر فقط حتى النقطة التي يبدأ عندها وقوع المحظور ØŒ عندئذ يفقد الخوف معناه ØŒ ولا يتبقى لنا سوى الأمل في أن نكون قد اتخذنا القرار الصحيح.”

“The Lord heareth the prayers of those who ask to put aside hatred. But he is deaf to those who would flee from love.”

“هنا في هذا الجسد كان يوجد - ذات مرة - رجل.”

“There is no tragedy, only the unavoidable. Everything has its reason for being: you only need to distinguish what is temporary from what is lasting.”

“You told me that all life's battles teach us something, even those we lose.”

“Where are they written?"
"In the world around us. Merely be attentive to what happens in your life, and you will discover where, every moment of the day, He hides His words and His will. Seek to do as He asks: this alone is the reason you are in the world."
"If I discover it, I'll write it on clay tablets."
"Do so. But write them, above all, in your heart; there they can neither burned nor destroyed, and you will take them wherever you go.”

“قال إيليا: لقد اعتدنا حياتنا ولم نعد نقرأ كلمات الرب.
سأله الصبي: أين تكتب هذه الكلمات؟
قال إيليا: في العالم من حولنا. فقط كن حساسا تجاه ما يحدث في حياتك ، وسوف تكتشف مكانها في كل لحظة من اليوم ، فهو يخفي كلماته ومشيئته. فاسع للقيام بما يطلبه منك ، فهذا وحده هو الدافع وراء وجودك في العالم.
قال الصبي: إذا اكتشفتها ، سوف أحفظها على ألواح الطين.
قال إيليا: لتفعل. لكن احفظها أولا في قلبك ØŒ فهناك لن تحرق أو تدمر ØŒ وسوف تحملها معك أينما ذهبت.”

“وقد يكون الحب تجربة مخيفة أكثر من الوقوف أمام جنود (آخاب) ØŒ وأحدهم يصوب سهما إلى قلبه ØŒ لأنه إذا ما أصاب السهم قلبه فسيموت وسيتولى الرب الباقي ØŒ أما إذا أصاب الحب قلبه فسوف يتحمل وحده تبعات ذلك.”

“قال الملاك : الله ينصت لصلوات الذين يسألون إبعاد البغضاء عنهم ØŒ لكنه يتجاهل هؤلاء الراغبين في الفرار من الحب.”

“A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires. It was because of that boy that I returned to Akbar.”